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    Field Canvassing Tablets

    Setup locked down tablets for paid canvassing operations to eliminate paper walk lists on local political campaigns.

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    Adventures in Political Activism

    Stories from campaigns that I have worked on either as a volunteer or consultant.

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    Household Cats

    Various cats that have inhabited the Van Sickle household.

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Application Developer

Worked in the Information Technology industry since 1996. Most of my career has been developing BMC Remedy and ServiceNow applications.

Political Consultant

Worked as a volunteer and later consultant for political campaigns to provide aid of technology-related issues and needs.

Ancestry Research

Have done ancestry research for my family for years to reconnect with distant family members and uncover information about forgotten relatives.

About James Van Sickle

I setup this site as a personal profile to present and discuss various projects and research that I am working on. I have been working in the Information Technology industry for since 1996. Since 2008, I have also been active in politics by lending my background in technology to local political campaigns. This has been as both a volunteer and paid consultant. When I am not working at my day job or on political campaigns, I am often doing genealogy research into my family's history.
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