About James Van Sickle

James Van SickleMy name is James Van Sickle. I have been working in the IT industry since 1996. In 2020, I started my transition to a ServiceNow Developer. Like many ServiceNow Developers, I began my career in a competitive product called Remedy. I worked as a Remedy Developer for twenty years since September 2000. During this time, I received multiple industry certifications and worked with a variety of companies ranging from small dotCom startups, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies.

Before becoming a Remedy Developer, I initially cut my teeth in the IT industry as a help desk analyst, hardware field technician, and network analyst. I also received a certification in Database Application Development and Design from Columbia University in 2003. I am presently pursuing a Security and Risk Analysis degree from Penn State.

During my free time, I spent several years feeding my passion for politics by performing technical consulting to local political campaigns in Dallas, TX. In 2010, I performed data analysis learned through years of Remedy work to help elect the first female Hispanic representative to the Dallas County Commissioner's Court. In 2011, I assisted in the elections of half of the fourteen members of the Dallas City Council on either a paid or volunteer basis. I also won the Verizon Wireless Technology Innovation Award in 2013 for use of tablets to improve data quality, standardization, and track paid staff in field operations for political campaigns.

IT Certifications

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Database Application Development & Design
BMC Certified Administrator: BMC Remedy AR System
ServiceNow Certified System Administrator
ITIL Foundation
ITIL Practitioner

Programming Languages