Cats of Van Sickle Household

My household has had several cats live with us over the years. While I was growing up, my parents normally had one or two cats along with several dogs at our house. Three cats is the limit that we can safely and easily support. This page is designed to present various pages that have been created about each of the cats that have lived or presently live in the Van Sickle household.


A sweet cat that I took into our household after the untimely death of a cousin. She travelled with us as we moved to New York City, back to Dallas, and finally to Los Alamos. A wonderful cat that loved sleeping on our feet at night. Passed away at 15 years old of chronic kidney failure.


A feral kitten that was caught outside someone's home and turned into the local animal shelter. We took him in after being socialized for a couple of months. While he is still skittish around people other than us, he is never far from Saul whom he seems to treat like an older brother.


A feral kitten born in our backyard in our old house in Dallas. We adopted him after his litter mates and mother moved on a year after his birth. He was the one that stayed and became friendly enough to handle. Extremely talkative, especially during phone calls and online meetings. Loves to sleep in his bed on my desk while I work.


A sweet domesticated cat that was abused when she was kitten and later abandoned at a shelter for bogus reasons. We quickly adopted her and she has become an invaluable member of the household. Incredibly affectionate with us but a terrible strategist when dealing with Saul and Jinn.