Jinn Under the BedMy wife and I first spotted Jinn when he arrived at the Los Alamos Animal Shelter. He had been a feral kitten that was found outside of a local resident's home. No one is sure what happened to the mother or rest of the litter. When we first saw Jinn, he was hiding in a little alcove in his cage and hissing at everyone that walked by or looked at him. He was given the name Twinkie by the shelter. They would try to socialize him over the next few months. If that failed, he would likely be given to a local farm to become a barn cat. By February, 2016, Jinn had been socialized enough that he could roam the shelter's cat room and be touched by humans. We decided to take him in at that point.

The Kitten Jinn We left Jinn in our guest bedroom so he could adapt to the house in peace. When we went to check up on him, Jinn had torn through the box springs of the bed and crawled in. We removed the box spring and introduced Saul a few days later. It was love at first sight between Saul and Jinn. Jinn rolled over, showed Saul his belly, and for the past several years neither has never been far from the other.

Jinn still remains skittish around other people and gets very frightened when picked up. However, he has become a wonderful addition to the household. While Saul sleeps in his bed on my desk, Jinn will often sleep next to him in between my keyboard and computer. Jinn also tends to be a notorious food thief despite our best efforts to curb this behavior. An interesting fact about him is that his vocalizations are incredible mild and low pitched. While Saul can be extremely vocal throughout the day, Jinn rarely meows beyond wanting food. Even then, the meowing comes out almost like a whisper although nothing appears to be wrong with his vocal cords.

Jinn seems to be the most territorial of the three cats. I have caught him hissing at local cats that have come around the backyard exploring as well as some deer that wandered through the area. He also seems to routinely try and shepherd Zizi into a room and keep her out of the rest of the house.