Saul First Capture
First captured along with siblings

Saul was born in 2010 back in Dallas, Texas. A stray cat living in our backyard had a litter of kittens that I would feed nightly. Once the kittens got a little over six months old, I used a raccoon trap to catch them, get them fixed, and then release them back outside. When the cage door shut on Saul, he ran straight into the cage door and bloodied his nose. The Dallas Animal Shelter had a terrible reputation which kept me from taking the cats and kittens there. In August 2010, the shelter manager let a kitten stuck inside a wall starve to death. After getting fixed, the kittens slowly started going their own way over time. In the end, Saul was the only one that stayed and showed up every morning for food. After time, I could pet and hold him and knew it was best to take him in.

Saul and Babushka did not get along too well with Saul earning several scratches on his nose as lessons. Saul wanted to play while Babushka wanted to be left alone. Saul spent most of his time hanging around me when I was home. I setup a bed on my desk so he could sleep next to me while I worked. After a while, Saul and Babushka came to an uneasy peace. Saul would follow her around but keep his distance. After Babushka died, we got Jinn to give Saul another cat to interact with. The two seemed to become best friends almost immediately. Neither of them are far from the other

The most surprising aspect is the amount of non-verbal coordination between the two. If Jinn gets into a fight with Zizi, Saul will come running to his aid. If Jinn positions himself to block Zizi's path, Saul will flank Zizi to block her alternate avenue of escape. If you are curious on the clipped ear, that is a common sign used to signal vets that a cat has been fixed. His mother and litter mates were all clipped while unconscious when they got fixed.

Saul's mother


Saul's mother who stayed around the yard for a few weeks after getting fixed and then left for unknown parts. She gave birth to five kittens. One kitten climbed and got stuck in a tree, which allowed a neighbor to capture the kitten and take him to the Dallas Animal Shelter. I was never able to capture the fourth kitten after capturing his mother and siblings. Unlike the kittens, the mother never made a sound after being captured or while staying in my house to recover from the operation.

Saul's Brother Saul's brother stayed with Saul through the winter. They often would huddle together in an insulated box that I setup with blankets to keep them warm. After a while, he seemed to move on while Saul stayed around in the backyard and would come over for food every morning.
Saul's Sister Saul's sister was born without a tail. This did not seem to impede her ability to run or climb. She stayed around the backyard during the winter along with Saul and her other brother. However, she would sleep in a separate insulated box that we setup so they kittens could keep warm at night. My wife last saw her about a month before we moved out of Dallas. She would have been about four years old at that time.